The History of Clearwater

Celebrating 100 Years as a City!

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A Rich History

May 27, 2015 marked Clearwater's Centennial. Numerous exhibits and festivals occurred to celebrate the City's 100 year history. A commemorative coffee table book, Clearwater Centennial, Yesterday and Today is available for sale at the Clearwater Regional Chamber. It contains vintage and modern photos supplemented with an augmented reality app containing 1,000 additional photos. The book's hard cover features many of the 175 uniquely decorated dolphin sculptures. Order yours here:

The city's name originated from the clear springs that were located along the high bluffs upon which the downtown area is now situated. Early settlers called it Clear Water Harbor, a name that eventually became Clearwater.

Thousands of American Indians once lived along the bodies of water now known as Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Several areas feature mounds dating from 500 B.C. to 1500 A.D. One of the best examples can be found at the Weedon Island Preserve in northeast St. Petersburg.

The Plumb House is a historic U.S. home built circa 1896 and was used for a paint store on the ground level and apartments on the second floor. Currently it serves as the home for the Clearwater Historical Society and the Plumb House Museum.

Heritage Village, a living history museum situated on 21 acres of natural pine and palmetto landscape, features 28 of that county's oldest structures, with two dating back to the Civil War. As part of the 180 acre Pinewood Cultural Park, historical and natural experiences are paired to create a great experience. Included in the park is the Florida Botanical Gardens with a Children's Trail especially designed for younger visitors.

Climb the batteries at Fort DeSoto dating back to the Spanish-American War. Although abandoned in 1923, one can still see some of the original cannons and stand atop some of the remaining buildings. It is part of the larger park and beach and is accessible by car, boat or public transportation.